As evidenced from my previous articles British distorted Indian History Part-1 and “Secular” Muslim appeasement by Gandhi and Nehru, the British could not bear the glorious history dating back 20,000 BC of India and hence distorted Indian history. They routinely deployed the “Divide-and-Rule” policy, giving tacit support to Muslim anti-nationalists. Supporting the British in this devious adventure were the flag-bearers of “Secularism” led by M K Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru. Gandhi and Nehru changed Hindu symbols of modern India and gave birth to politics of Muslim appeasement, which continues till date.

Hindu spirituality makes us true Human Hindu spirituality makes us true Human

Based on learning from above, we can infer the following:

  • India has to teach correct Indian Hindu History to build a self-esteemed country
  • The model should be Japan, which fiercely teaches glorious examples in its history, to its youth and makes them upright citizens. The correct version of history is taught in Japanese Schools and no foreign Institution is allowed to temper with proprietary studies in History, Culture, Language and Moral ethics
  • Current history taught to Indian students does not leave an imprint of continuous civilization dated 20,000 BC. Instead, events are shown as they happened on a land – we need to have our own studies instead of banking on distorted British scholarship
  • We need to continuously develop current role models who are attuned to our civilizational moorings and shining examples of exemplified achievements led by Hindu ethos
  • Let students know truth about Islamic and Christian excesses – the largest human genocide in the form of murder, rape, conversion of 80 million Hindu’s by Islamic rulers, driven by Islam’s religious exhortations
  • Indian Education system should be opened to Foreign Universities in all areas of education, barring history, moral ethics and culture
  • Indian education system should follow the teachings of Vivekananda, who said our people should be upright and mentally strong. Result of present history books written by Leftists is a western-leaning, inferiority complex driven, confused youth. It is high time to draw an Asian lesson from the Japs

Hinduism has to expand Hinduism has to expand

  • Most importantly, “Secularism” of the Leftist kind, as practised by Congress and regional parties has meant that Hindu Spirituality is not taught as a subject in Indian Schools. We are failing to impart our best ethical and moral code to our youngsters. Any society can’t live in a spiritual vacuum and rely only on borrowed teachings from the West. It’s living in denial of our spiritual moorings
  • Till how long will we outsource spiritual teaching to multifarious organisations like Brahmakumari’s, Sri Sri Foundation, Swami Ramdev Trust etc? As parents wanting confident, self-esteemed children, we should give a damn whether our Minority Schools possessing huge sovereign rights under law, accept Indian spiritual text books or not!
  • Enough of “secular” (sic) reasons for denying the universal humanity and knowledge to our children
  • Indian culture and spirituality is what gave humanity in its best form to the world, and that’s what has to be preserved, inculcated and propagated
Tushar Kansal
Tushar Kansal has served in senior positions in Corporate Finance at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Brand Capital (ToI), Aircel & was Head (Debt Management) at MTS India. He is promoter of &, prior to which he served as CFO of DLI India, owned by Guggenheim; a US PE Fund.

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