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Month: February 2015

Vithi – The Mega Mart, buy Hair extensions & other products

E-commerce is at an inflexion point in India, led by spread of 4G and low-end smartphones. There is also a huge uptick in e-sales owing to young professionals and housewives spending more time online at workplace and at home. Indus B2C Global (Indus B2C – Corporate site http://www.IndusB2C.com) launched a premier hair extensions brand Le Modish (http://www.LeModish.com) keeping in mind the huge Hair extensions market abroad and Hair extensions being an India product primarily. The product retails at the company’s own e-commerce portal Vithi (http://www.Vithi.com) The main promoter behind this venture is Tushar Kansal. The Chairman is ex Director,...

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Interview with Tushar Kansal, Founder CFO, Indus B2C Global

We hear of senior honchos from the Industry turning entrepreneurs. Indeed, the startup space has welcomed CXO’s capable of handling big businesses. Tushar Kansal, is one such CXO, who was, till recently, CFO with a company controlled by USD 200 billion US based PE-Fund. After founding KITES in 1995, Tushar went on to work for Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Brand Capital, Aircel, MTS and finally worked as CFO for the $200 billion PE controlled company in Gurgaon. In 2014, Tushar, with all his international consulting experience, renamed KITES to Indus B2C Global and launched its ventures. In this exclusive interview,...

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Shocking ! Sex scandal inside Islamic Madrasa of Darul Ulum Deoband exposed. Many Young Muslims men are complaining that Maulvis & Muftis sodomise and rape male students. But are the Muftis alone at...

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British could not bear that Indian civilisation is 1,00,000 yrs old. Hence our history books have wrongly taught us that Lord Rama and Krishna were only in 5,000 BC! Excavation of Dwarka proves Indian civilisation dates back 1,00,000 years! ... See MoreSee Less

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Indus Churning shared NaMo Mantra: Nation FIRST's Make In India superior DESI Bullet Proof Jackets. ... See MoreSee Less

Make In India Bullet Proof Jacket – I00% Desi Jacket superior & cheaper than the Imported US Jacket - to save Rs 20,000 Crs every year. ALL Indians will greet this DESI Scientist, REVOLUTIONARY BU...

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