I give below 51 achievements of Modi Government in past more than 2 years since he’s become PM:
1. Foreign Policy – Major success – Nepal relief – then removal of pro-China Oli as Nepal PM, FDI from Japan China US Australia etc of more than USD 70 billion.
Thrust on UN Permanent Security Council seat – Modi wrote to heads of all Nations demanding it as India’s right. UN has adopted written resolution for UN Security Council reforms.
Pakistan being tackled on Doval policy – If Pak troubles Kashmir, then threaten to disturb Baluchistan – Look at the wonderful Ufa declaration negotiated by Modi Govt
Doval Policy is – Till now, Pak Govt used to talk peace thereby getting in good books of international community and Pak Army used to create problems in Kashmir – India had no choice but to continue talking because of international pressure – Now, what Modi has done is that when Pak Army does something in Kashmir, India in exchange gives it back disproportionately somewhere within Pak – so, it is Pak Govt which is under pressure to continue talking to India. On China, India has been cozying up to US, Japan, Australia and getting high tech defence from there. Still, India has aligned with China where-ever its interests match – on BRICS Bank and New Development Bank. Modi has visited all important countries and built a good future relationship with their Leaders already
India has built a dependable big brother image in SAARC – exploring a bridge connecting India to Sri Lanka from Rameswaram, Nepal wooed with aid, Bhutan was the first country Modi visited, Bangladesh boundary settlement – Motor vehicles accord passed by Nepal Bhutan Bangladesh – so time of commute between Bengal and NE will get reduced by 1000 km – India has expedited construction of highway linking Bengal to Thailand and it will be a smooth ride very soon – India has got berthing rights in Chittagong port – time for goods to reach Bangladesh reduced by 9 days.
India is moving closer to ASEAN with Act East policy and also getting closer to Central Asia – India has become full time member of SCO. India has taken Chabahar port (Iran) development and now will have direct access to Afghanistan and Central Asia through that – thereby countering China’s Gwadar
India has also entered the MTCR (Missile Technology Control Regime), thereby placing it on high league of world nations
FTA’s – being signed
2. Zero corruption – There is ZERO corruption in Central govt – ask anyone who works in Central Govt!
Vyapam scam of MP is going back 20 years and it was Digvijay Singh of Congress, who was the lynch pin of the whole scam!
Lalitgate – Lalit Modi fell out with Sonia Maino and hence was hounded with cases. Sonia Maino’s sister asked for USD 60 million from Lalit Modi (it’s all disclosed by Lalit Modi on Twitter) to free him of all charges – helping him visit his cancer-striken wife, was a moral mistake by Sushma Swaraj but she is too good a Foreign Minister to be made to resign over this – no money has been exchanged and no cases have been dropped against Lalit Modi, in all fairness, unlike Quattoroci who was let go by CBI under Sonia Maino’s instructions and Bhopal Gas accused who was also let go scot-free
Sonia Maino is also involved in Augusta Westland scam as said by Italian Supreme Court
3. GST – big success story
4. Federalism – What an idea! A Niti Aayog comprising of all CM’s instead of Soviet-era top down planning. States share of central revenues increased massively, thereby making India better governed
5. Black Money – P Notes under consideration now. Other steps taken on Black Money here
6. Savings – Atal Pension yojna, PPF reform, linking all identities through a common registry
7. Aadhaar – Stop pilferage through cash subsidies
8. Market reforms in fuel – Fuel rates now market determined
9. Inflation – witnessing moderate inflation since 2 years
10. Infrastructure – Nod for PSU Banks to raise Funds, subject to Govt equity ceiling at 51%. Banks declaring bad loans and PSU Banks are being merged. Banks allowed to convert Debt to Equity to recover bad loans. 9 lakh crore of stuck infra projects by Congress being revived or returned – headache for present Govt as expected after scorched Earth policy of Congress during last 2 years of its power. Big work in inland waterways transportation. On highways – one will see cemented expressways built at the rate of 30 kms a day against meagre average during Congress 10 years
11. Railways – 100% FDI allowed. Full scale USD 120 billion modernisation – India’s first bullet train. Metro trains under development in many cities
Economy has boomed under Modi
12. Fiscal deficit – under control
13. Financial inclusion – Jan Dhan Yojna – 25 crore plus accounts opened along with 2 lakh insurance
14. Rescuing Indians from Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Saudi Arabia etc thereby giving esteem to citizens globally
15. Defence – 74% FDI allowed. Navy targets becoming 200 ships Navy by 2027 – most ships being built in India. Aircraft acquisition and manufacture being expedited. Govt thinking of getting foreign partner for Tejas. Border roads being expedited. Modi visited Siachin
16. Swacch Bharat campaign
17. REIT‘s allowed
18. 100 Smart cities and Housing for all by 2022 – Funds distribution for Smart cities started after states submitted detailed proposals and cities were chosen. Housing for all – development of 3 crore rural houses by 2022 on track.
19. NREGA – continued and expanded
20. Bharat Ratna – to Pandit Madan Mohan Malviya, who worked for Hindu renaissance. Offerred to Subhash Chandra Bose, Sri Sri and Ramdev. All three refused. Unlike Sachin Tendulkar, who got it by pressurizing Congress and unlike Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt, Saif Ali Khan etc who all got various Padma awards by sheer nepotism of Congress. Subhash Chandra Bose was the man responsible for India’s freedom, not Gandhi – read my article here
21. Coal auctions – conducted in a transparent and unique way by which power tariffs go down and states get huge money – read
22. Power reforms – Huge work going on in Power sector and India’s capacity to go up exponentially – Solar power being a big focus area. For the first time in India’s history, renewable power generation recently exceeded non-renewable.
23. Telecom spectrum, M&A regime – Transparent and successful spectrum auctions. Telecom M&A regime formalized
24. Digital India – Huge boost to rural India – 1,00,000 panchayats to be connected through optic fibre cable. Only 500 km of cable had been laid when the Modi government assumed power in May 2014. And that the figure is now over 1,30,000 km. 7,000 gram panchayats have received final connectivity out of 1,00,000 gram panchayats targeted in the first phase
25. Skill IndiaRead here
26. Disbanding of GOM’s – complete waste of time, established by ex-bureaucrat and good-for-nothing Manmohan Singh
27. Revenue share between Centre and States – Share of states increased from 32% to 42%
28. Single window clearance for steel, coal and power
29. Price stabilization fund for agri-commodities
30. Startup IPO’s – SEBI has come out with norms but delay seen
31. NGO’sAfter Pope visited India and laid his vision for India as the next Holy land for Christianity, and with ascent of Sonia Gandhi for 10 years, the country saw billions of USD’s coming to NGO’s – Statistics show these NGO’s paid 86% of their corpus in salaries and more than 95% didnt file their returns. Centre has recently shut down 20,000 NGO’s, out of estimated 25 lakh
32. Toilets in Schools – 1 crore built till now
33. PM Krishi sichai yojna – first of its kind irrigation scheme ever in India
34. Mudra Bank – for 6 crore SME’s
35. Climate – India acceded to global greenhouse emission treaty – The govt. plans to plant 200 crore trees along the entire 1 Lakh Km length of National Highways network across the country
36. World Yoga Day – Modi asks, UN gives
37. Bureaucrat discipline – smart attendance monitoring system, improved efficiency
38. NRI’s – Merger of PIO & OCI cards
39. Tourism – e-Visa for hundreds of countries, inbound Tourism boosted
40. Ease of doing business – A series of incremental steps being undertaken
41. Make in India – Big fillip being given to manufacturing in India – FDI regime completely liberalised on 20th June 2016
42. Myanmar operation – First time, after Narasimha Rao, when India sent its troops across the border and sent a tight message to terrorists
43. Female foeticide – Beti Bachao Beti Padhao yojna
44. Forex reserves – Up by USD 100 billion
45. Real Estate – Unlike Congress, which earns from putting its corruption money in Real Estate, BJP has kept RE prices sane – a new Bill to reign in builders is passed. Other steps here
46. Maids – Government bringing in a contract system for all domestic workers
47. Judiciary – Government plans to take off Govt-to-Govt cases and bring them under arbitration, to ease clogging of Courts
48. Health – A Health-for-all policy in the works
49. Clean Ganga mission
50. Mars Mission
51. Interlinking of riversstarted with 3 rivers
However, I differ with Modi government on certain counts – Modi is concentrating on governance and not on prosecuting main corrupt like Vadra, Gandhi’s etc
Tushar Kansal
Tushar Kansal has served in senior positions in Corporate Finance at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Brand Capital (ToI), Aircel & was Head (Debt Management) at MTS India. He is promoter of KansalTancy.com & SengeKhabab.com, prior to which he served as CFO of DLI India, owned by Guggenheim; a US PE Fund.

He is a B.Tech (Textiles), MBA (Financial Management) from University of Delhi.

He is a Columnist @ Business World, Indian Defence News, Indian Economist, Digital Market Asia, Business & Economy, Swarajya, OpIndia & Growing India.

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