My commentary on ongoing events to prove how irony is being killed every day in our country. In reality – Opposition dynasty parties led by families are scared that an outsider to the system like Modi will wipe them off Indian politics – and hence the brouhaha and creating “scams” in air. Vested entrenched interests in Media and system are also scared – Congress channels NDTV, Media self-proclaimed Kings like Rajdeep Sardesai, Barkha Dutt fear Modi and are hence going all out to malign him and his Government:

1. The most mediocre man – Rahul Gandhi – who never took any responsibility, parties for 2 months in Bangkok and shames the country by his low IQ, says BJP promotes mediocrity! Congress – which made kitchen girl of Gandhi’s (Pratibha Patil) as President, puppet Manmohan Singh as PM, all of Gandhi dynasty’s ex drivers, peons, Hindi tutor of Sonia Maino (Janardhan Dwivedi) and most other bootlickers Ministers – has the gull to blame others
2. The man who let his dog on his pregnant wife, Somnath Bharti (who made millions running a Porn & Spam business) – vouches women safety “for beautiful women” if Police is given to AAP – North withstanding that 21 AAP MLA’s have charges, AAP’s promises on women safety have been thrown in a dustbin.

His wife Lipika retorts that he is not concerned for her since she is not beautiful!

3. The dynasty parties running on whims & fancies of one satrap/ family – AAP/ Congress/ SP/ BSP/ TMC/ YSR/ PDP/ NC/ BJD/ AIADMK/ DMK, blame Modi for being one man show! Modi and Ajit Doval are adept at building state power and they are must for India – Read “Gandhi & his penchant for meekness disguised as non-violence
4. Congress, which kept quiet on thousands of scams in its 10 years, blames BJP for killing democracy and for suspending its 25 MPs for 5 days – no matter that these 25 MPs were the only one’s out of 542, who were not letting Parliament function
4. Congress, which routinely murders its women – Sunanda Pushkar being a case in point – and whose MP’s ex-wives have come out in the open about their goonies – talks about Modi’s wife’s security!
5. AAP slams BJP for front page ads listing achievements – when its given INR 526 crore (Yes!) of ads from Delhi taxpayers money
6. The party of dharna’s – AAP – protests when BJP gives dharna at Kejriwal’s house
7. Nitish Kumar, who aligns with criminal & casteist and corrupt Lalu Yadav, blames BJP for ignoring Bihar! Whereas record says when BJP was in power, all round development happened, crime vanished and Bihar grew at 14% annually!
8. Digvijay Singh – who has 15 years of power in MP to show he did nothing, talks about lagging MP when all indicators show MP has grown amazingly under BJP
9. All indicators show BJP governments as the best across states – Haryana, Rajasthan, MP, Chattisgarh, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, J&K and so on – and Congress tries only to make noise using media on some Congress-created “scams” in the hope that by shouting, the scam will “stick” on BJP – BJP’s 12 crore members seem to have scared the hell out of Opposition parties run by dynasties.

BJP's massive presence scaring Opposition

Lalit Modi was the blue eyed boy of Congress cronies till he was earning them money through IPL. If you remember, he had a public spat with Shashi Tharoor on Twitter where he disclosed that Shashi Tharoor had a stake in an IPL team. Post that, Sonia Maino got angry and the whole Government apparatus started hounding him. Cases were filed against him and looking at Sunanda Pushkar’s murder, one knows Sonia can get people murdered as well, so fearing for his life, he fled to London! However, Congress didnt stop there – Chidambaram wrote to UK government that India-UK relations would be impacted if Lalit Modi is given travel documents! Now tell me, was Lalit Modi a terrorist? Were any crimes proven against him? Was there an arrest order against him even? (only on 5 Aug 2015 has an arrest order been issued against him by the Court). Have a look at the cases against him – they are all civil – just like lacs of others against whom cases are pending from Government’s side. Congress didnt write to any Government saying relations would be impacted if these lacs of people are supported – but ONLY in case of Lalit Modi! WHY? Personal vendetta!?

Sushma Swaraj was on a morally weak ground – but on a very sound political ground – when she told UK that relations WONT be impacted! JUST THAT! All cases against Lalit Modi stand, they are being pursued, no money has exchanged hands, in fact pursued by ED, Court has now issued an arrest warrant – she only corrected a wrong personal vendetta driven position given by Congress! And its unlike Congress, which let go of Quattrocci and Bhopal Gas accused openly!

Coming to Parliament, which corrupt Congress Minister was not given a chance to speak on allegations against them? All of them spoke, and for that matter, they DID EAT money! And BJP along with other opposition forced them to resign – not that Congress was so pious that it removed these corrupt Congress men on its own. Sonia Maino was making money at the end of it, so she supported her brethren!

Coming to “Ceaser’s wife should be above suspicion” and hence “resign first, case will be decided later” – agree – that should be the case. But why not allow Sushma Swaraj or for that matter, any one from the Government to SPEAK EVEN in Parliament – and like buffoons, disrupt Parliament!? Not that all 44 MP’s of Congress are disrupting – there are 25 only – and not that any other Opposition party is disrupting. Its 25 Congress goons holding Parliament to ransom – not even allowing a statement from those against whom allegations have been made! What’s this? BULLSHIT..! Critical legislation is pending in this situation.

Reason why Congress doesnt want a debate is simple – Lalit Modi disclosed on Twitter, that Sonia Maino’s sister asked for USD 60 million from Lalit Modi to free him of all charges! And Ceaser’s wife here is MOTHER SONIA MAINO – she might eat the whole of India, but no mud should stick on her – since she’s a “Gandhi” and Congress can’t win even ONE out of 44 seats, without Brand Gandhi by their side – coz history books have been doctored to glorify “Gandhi” brand, so some gullible people vote for them by default!

Manmohan might have been offered Finance Minister position by Vajpayee but Manmohan is a bureaucrat and not a Leader – he can move files – However, we have seen how in 10 years he didn’t even do that! Vajpayee could have got work done from him too – that was the Leadership of Vajpayee! And Modi bows to him since he is ex-PM – It’s a respect for his ex-position – not to the man Manmohan, who presided over the most corrupt and non-existent Government in the history of India.

BJP didn’t break tie up with Nitish Kumar – but Nitish did – because he considered Modi as lower caste – it’s on record, Nitish refused to even eat with Modi. Nitish wanted to become PM and could not digest Modi becoming PM. Will any sane person support a man who is in arms with the most criminal, casteist, corrupt person convicted by the Courts – Lalu Yadav? I leave it on your wisdom.

And till Sushil Modi was deputy CM in Bihar, it was recording 14% GDP growth rate – what happened after BJP left the Bihar government, is for all to see!

Some people cribbed on BJP giving ads and listing its achievements – but that is because it has many achievements to show – and unlike Congress, it doesnt buy Media and so Media doesnt automatically praise BJP. I know the PR team of Rahul Gandhi – how they insert articles about him in Media – how when Congress corruption was caught, stories on “Sonia is upset with so and so MP” used to come in Media – as if she didnt know who was eating money and depositing in her coffers! Listing here 51 achievements of Modi since he became PM

Coming to NDA/ BJP “scams” raised by some people – I am sure one is referring to Kargil Coffin “scam”, Centaur hotel “scam” and so on! Please understand that public goes by Indian Media’s noise on “scams”, but doesnt bother to check that once Government agencies completed the case, what was the result? I did the dirty job and checked progress of all cases against BJP – Guess the result? BJP is the cleanest party EVER! Read here

Fact of the matter is Congress eats money left, right and centre – and when BJP is in power, uses Media to make noise about “scams” – when in reality there is none! Nothing came out against BJP in Coffin, Centaur etc, but public remembers them as scams! A pity – coz Vajpayee was a lenient guy, so he didnt oppose Congress goons tooth and nail and ultimately lost elections! But Modi is no saint – let Congress try all its tactics!

One may or may not believe Coffin case but the Courts have already prosecuted an Army guy who was involved – for more, one should Google on the case. And Manmohan Singh was coal minister when coal scam happened, he closed his eyes to all Cong scams – what more does one do to convince anyone he’s corrupt since he presided over the most corrupt Government in history of India? About Kandahar, ask NDTV – the Congress channel – they gave interviews of families of people trapped in the flight and built a public sympathy for them – else who knows, Vajpayee might have come hard on terrorists at loss of lives of passengers!

Pradip Baijal, ex-Chairman TRAI, disclosed clearly in his book that Manmohan knew EVERYTHING and his lust for power was more than his dignity, hence he kept quiet. And Coal scam worth 10 lac crore happened when he was Coal Minister for 4 years! Look at the money Coal auctions are generating now – calculate how much Congress made with help of Manmohan

Excerpt from another book by man closest to Manmohan – Sanjay Baru – check his lines ‘Active morality for himself, but passive morality for others’. Manmohan turned a blind eye to corruption by his colleagues

Irony is dying Friends!

Tushar Kansal
Tushar Kansal has served in senior positions in Corporate Finance at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Brand Capital (ToI), Aircel & was Head (Debt Management) at MTS India. He is promoter of &, prior to which he served as CFO of DLI India, owned by Guggenheim; a US PE Fund.

He is a B.Tech (Textiles), MBA (Financial Management) from University of Delhi.

He is a Columnist @ Business World, Indian Defence News, Indian Economist, Digital Market Asia, Business & Economy, Swarajya, OpIndia & Growing India.

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