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Month: May 2016

First time Venture Capital investing

In case of First time Venture capital investment, while any Startup will provide key metrics like: 1. P&L statement 2. Balance sheet with equity already invested, Cash Flow and projections (linked to assumptions – as to how the business will pan out) It should also provide valuation done basis: 1. Current Multiples 2. Forward Multiples 3. DCF (Discounted Cash Flow – which also gives the IRR (Internal rate of return) which the investor will make on his investment) and 4. Comparable Multiples. Technical aspect of valuation aside, in case the investee is seeking its first investment from a VC/...

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NPA problem in Indian Banks – Right approach by Modi

Root of the NPA problem in Indian Banks is post 2009 – when World was doing Quantitative Easing (QE) to stave off 2008 recession – India was not in any kind of need for a QE (Since GDP growth had lowered down but there was no recession in India). Congress still did QE in India on pretext of World doing QE – and gave massive loans to crony businessmen close to Congress – just see the list of who’s who – Mallya, Jindals, Jaypee, Ruias of Essar etc – when global Trade had tanked, where would this money go?...

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Excess supply in Indian Real Estate

Real Estate (RE) is indeed in excessive supply. Reports say 6 years of inventories and so on. History to ponder is whenever Congress is in power, it makes huge money from corruption & puts it in RE. Once such black money starts going in a plot, it has a cascading effect and the whole nearby area of the plot sees jump in prices. Just check entire history – Congress ensures RE goes up & up when it is in power. Also check – whenever BJP is in power, RE sees only nominal rate hikes. Who puts this hoard of black money in...

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26 Quick Reform suggestions to PMO Modi Government

Resp Secretary, PMO Modi Government I have interacted with few esteemed people and arrived at below suggestions. Here are some ideas you are best placed to take forward: 1. To unclog courts, since 70% cases currently pending in courts are intra-government, suggest make arbitration compulsory for all intra-government cases. So, each and every case between 2 Government parties will go for arbitration. There would be a maximum 1 month timeline for arbitration to close, failure of which would lead the case to be referred to a committee of respective Secretaries of Ministries involved – if any case fails to get resolved there within...

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