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Month: June 2016

BJP and Modi – Hits & Misses till mid 2016

India is very young (median age of 27 years), thereby making it an utmost necessity that its youth be put to use in constructive, nation building work lest it get sucked into crime or terrorism. Modi (PM Narendra Modi), for one, is a die-hard optimist. BJP (Bhartiya Janta Party) is a vehicle which keeps Nation first. It is an ideal combination for India’s prosperity. Monitor the progress of Modi Government here – http://swarajyamag.com/achche-din-monitor If one goes by the media narrative, we are in midst of multiple duels – that of India vs Bharat (meaning the West-eulogising ruling elite vs rural...

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Africa can learn from India to shape its future

Africa is the youngest continent on Earth, with a median age of less than 20 years, presenting it with either a choice of its unemployed youth getting embroiled in terrorism, joining rebel groups and crime or contributing handsomely to their countries by a demographic dividend in form of mass development and economic growth. Africa can learn from India to shape its future. An impressive aspect of Africa is that it’s a land rich in minerals (90% of world’s cobalt, 90% of platinum, 50% of gold, 98% of chromium, 70% of tantalite, 64% of manganese and 33% of uranium) with...

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Checking China: US Deep state needs to embrace Russia

Most world commentators now believe that Mao’s Communist “revolution” was a guise for China to grab countries and become a neo Middle Kingdom. China’s PRC (People’s Republic of China) itself says since 1980, that the only “Communism” followed by China is “Socialism with Chinese characteristics”, which essentially means state-controlled capitalism. In 1950’s, under banner of Communism, China annexed Inner Mongolia, East Turkestan (Xinjiang) and Tibet, just as Soviet Union had gobbled up lands of Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan etc) earlier. Ukraine was always a cultural extension of Russia with a similar language – Kiev was alternative capital of Russia...

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Indus Churning shared Shankh Naad's video. ... See MoreSee Less

Shocking ! Sex scandal inside Islamic Madrasa of Darul Ulum Deoband exposed. Many Young Muslims men are complaining that Maulvis & Muftis sodomise and rape male students. But are the Muftis alone at...

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British could not bear that Indian civilisation is 1,00,000 yrs old. Hence our history books have wrongly taught us that Lord Rama and Krishna were only in 5,000 BC! Excavation of Dwarka proves Indian civilisation dates back 1,00,000 years! ... See MoreSee Less

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Indus Churning shared NaMo Mantra: Nation FIRST's Make In India superior DESI Bullet Proof Jackets. ... See MoreSee Less

Make In India Bullet Proof Jacket – I00% Desi Jacket superior & cheaper than the Imported US Jacket - to save Rs 20,000 Crs every year. ALL Indians will greet this DESI Scientist, REVOLUTIONARY BU...

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