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The western take on Indian spirituality has been to portray Indians as other-worldly. This was a part of Macaulay’s sinister plan of westernizing Indians and creating Brown Sahibs from Indian men and women. Indian thought, its scriptures, its education system, its ethos – all were torn down one by one under this scheme.

Hindu Scriptures

Hindu Scriptures

However, what is most pertinent is that at the time when British were ruling in India and calling Indians as other worldly, India was the largest economy in the world and comprised 33% of world GDP (The same economy was also torn by the British and when they left, India had 2% share of world GDP). This itself shows how “other worldly” we were.

The article clears all misconceptions and proves the centrality of ARTHA or monetary well being in Indian thought.

Tushar Kansal
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