Since almost 27 years, Kashmir is facing terrorism. All this time, Pakistan has known the fact that Kashmiris have no will to fight with India and hence Pak has to keep the fires fanning by sending terrorists from its land. Hence, the terrorist-training camps in POK and the Pak Army creation of Lashkar (LeT), Hizbul (HM) and Jaish (JeM).

Is Indian state on the back-foot this time?

One of the few terrorists who hailed from the Valley itself, was Burhan Wani. His death has given a chance to Pak to show to Kashmiris that the terrorism was home-grown, from the valley itself. Hence, it is spending crores to enroll poor Kashmiris to pelt stones at the Police and making an International issue out of it.

The above article clearly proves that Hurriyat pays Rs. 500/- to poor men to pelt stones. Indian intelligence has found that Rs. 500 crore has been pumped into Hurriyat by Pak’s ISI to get these stone pelters to rob Police stations and do street protests. Innocent poor, women and children are kept in front so that any retaliation from Police harms them and again an issue can be made out of it.

Consider this – The terrorist Burhan Wani’s father is a Headmaster of a Government school. Readers will be amazed to know he lives in a Farm House and owns thousands of acres of land! One can imagine how much Pak money came to the man, for keeping his son a terrorist and how desperately Pakistan needed a local valley face amongst the terrorists, that they showered hundreds of crores on the Headmaster.

Burhan Wani house

Burhan Wani house

Then there are Imams and Muezzins, who shout violent anti-India messages from loudspeakers of Mosques and incite violence. As per them, India is Hindu hence Kafir, meant to be killed, subjugated and to be made to pay Jaziya, a tax on non-Muslims. No surprise that these very Imams and Muezzins instigated expulsion of Kashmiri Pandits from the valley. The Sufi thread in Indian Islam is under threat of being broken by these Imams and Muezzins, under Pak inspired Wahabi and Salafi ideology.

Apart from Pak role, there is also a Saudi connection. Saudi Arabia has been funnelling billions of dollars across the world in opening Madarasas which propagate Salafi/ Wahabi ideology. Indian intelligence agencies have noted mushrooming of these Madarasas in the valley. Most Street protesters come from Jihad inspired by these Madarasas.

About Hurriyat – each one, I repeat – EACH child of any Hurriyat leader, is either studying or living abroad – away from the violence enacted by their father’s. For Hurriyat leaders, it is business. Why risk lives of one’s own children, when there are hundreds of idiots out there to give their lives for Rs. 500/-.

Separatists children living in luxury

Separatists children living in luxury

Hurriyat’s other smartness was not to fight elections in Kashmir. Knowing they will lose the election, their whole chimera of representing larger Kashmiris would be blown off and they will never be able to again receive money from Pak for terrorism. So, when some “secular” politicians from Opposition parties go to valley to meet these Hurriyat leaders as representatives of Government, in what capacity are the Hurriyat meeting them? Unelected goons – who have a nuisance value, which they have created by blood money from Pak, that’s the only capacity they represent.

Hurriyat has also been showered with facilities from Congress, when it was in power. Hurriyat leaders have Government bungalows, cars, security and what not – no one knows why Tax payer’s money is being spent on maintaining separatists.

Hurriyat leaders such as Yasin Malik dance with bar dancers, keep their wives free of burqa but want a Salafi/ Wahabi version of Islam in Kashmir.

See Yasin Malik dead drunk with bar dancer

Yasin Malik with wife

Yasin Malik with wife

That, is the stark reality of the Kashmir situation.

Tushar Kansal
Tushar Kansal has served in senior positions in Corporate Finance at Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Brand Capital (ToI), Aircel & was Head (Debt Management) at MTS India. He is promoter of &, prior to which he served as CFO of DLI India, owned by Guggenheim; a US PE Fund.

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