12 Laws of Karma – timeless wisdom

In times when one is surrounded by negativity, filled with remorse, doubtful about future, clinging on the past, low about own self and surrounded by doubts & disbelief, the Puranas, Vedas and the Bhagwat Gita comes to the aid. In my quest for spiritual bliss by Krishna Bhakti, I was fortuitous to have read the 12 laws of Karma. Here is my take on these timeless truths:


Whatever we put into the Universe, will come back to us

I have felt this great truth since I was in college, maybe since more than 20 years. Whatever you put in the Universe, comes back – it may come through someone else, in some other time and in a different shape – but the essence would always be the same. Feed something to poor and you will be fed, retrench a good employee blinded by your ego and your business will get impacted someday, make friends of positive, motivated people and such type of company will always seek you, and so on. It is important to believe in good no matter if you have been wronged by someone – because that is his Karma and the pain you get is yours. Bhagwat Gita says to destroy evil is a dharma, but then humanity is also a dharma.


Life does not happen by itself, we need to make it happen

“When will my destiny give, when will I “get”, why do I only get all losses, why does anything I start end in failure, why do good people like me not make it big whereas everyone else does” – Sitting and wondering these negative thoughts, reeling in self-pity, wont achieve anything. Rather, a small step made each day by being in the present moment, with positivism and faith in Krishna, will go long. Each moment we are creating our destiny, thereby making life happen.


One must accept something in order to change it

We know what we are thinking wrong, what we are doing wrong – but fail to change it. It is since we don’t accept it! Most people are so much in their body-mind complex that their ego is what they are. Either it is their money, or their Designation, or their possessions, or anything which can mirror their ego. Their ego keeps clinging to one or other object. This ego obsession eats them from inside and increases desires – with it comes misery and perpetual unhappiness. A successful manifestation of our spiritual self is which results in a positive and permanent change. And that manifestation comes from accepting that we are nothing but specks of dust of the Universe energy that is Krishna.


When we change ourselves, our lives follow suit & change too

Watch your thoughts, they become actions; Watch your actions, they become habits; watch your habits, they become character; watch your character, for it becomes your destiny. A small example is it is not what you teach your kids what they learn, it is actually your actions from which they learn. If you are negative, angry, pessimistic, your destiny will be accordingly. Bring Krishna into your lives, learn from him, do Krishna Bhakti, gain Godly values and see your destiny change. Realise life’s great abundance and you will see not in terms of possessions but being an infinitesimal part of the great infinite.


We must take responsibility for what is in our lives

Many times when some untoward incident happens in our life, like death of a dear one, business losses, loss of job, loss of money et al – we are first to condemn God. We seem to forget that everyone has karma’s from past life to give. We are also prone to believing that God has only Yes to every prayer. One has to do Bhakti with full belief, leave all problems at feet of Krishna and also be prepared that God has other answers too for our prayers – God may say 1. Yes 2. No for a reason 3. Wait – Time has not arrived and 4. Here is something better.

Living in the love of Krishna means surrender. And that’s taking full responsibility of our lives, untouched by our ego, attachments and desires – each act would be guided by him and each moment will provide us bliss, happiness & contentment.


The past, present & future are all connected

I have seen people run away from their past. Or migrate outside their country in the belief that everything will change 100% with that in the future. A first cousin, who had 3 sisters and money problems in family since childhood, broke all communications with his family after building a bright career and marrying a rich girl. A friend left for US and stopped talking to everyone back in India. But would it change anything since the truth is its all interconnected? The cousin who broke off with his family got into the arms of his in-laws so much that his entire life became about self-identity. The friend who migrated to US, realised after many years that India is in him and not that he was in India. And then he traced his roots and the foundational values on which he was built.

Laws of Karma

Laws of Karma


We cannot think of two different things at the same time

Multitasking seems to be a buzzword in present times, with many Bosses rolling it as a core value. But human mind is incapable of thinking of more than one thing at a time. Result – Stress and incompetence. A corollary to this is time management – do anything fully and get immersed in it, then plan for doing other things by giving them quality time.


Our behaviour should match our thoughts & actions

Till how long can one fake it? Or if one tries to do something out of his skin, will he find contentment or eventual success? Impossible. You have to be yourself, be original, stand on your beliefs – those who stick by you love you for what you are. And what you do best, you know it instinctively. A large number of times we catch attitudes and opinions like the world is bad, it is best not to do right things and so on – but even people whose example we take, are themselves in the dark.


One cannot be present if they are looking backward

We can spend years trying to mull over our past. Trying to make sense of anything, condemning our past actions as immature or imperfect, or finding it too perfect or too distorted. But nothing can come out of it. We meet people from our past because a part of our past is reflected through them, but even these acquaintances are themselves ever-changing. To grasp a situation, a person or to solve anything, we have to be here and now. Past is past, long gone by and feeling happy about it may be a good pastime but attachment to it is useless.


History repeats itself until we learn from it and change our path

India has had many Jaichand’s in its history, men who have conspired and helped foreigners attack and rule India. Seems India’s rulers did not understand the law of change. Only few emperors, like Shivaji, and Maharaja Ranjit Singh, understood this.

It applies all the same on us individuals. You can be a fool and keep making the same mistake, thereby not learning from your own past. Or you may know how others have paid for some mistakes but still you may not change. Taking right lessons from history requires making a successful and permanent change in you.


The most valuable rewards require persistence

I have heard some people say, that some successful persons have only reached the top on the back of luck or plain providence. How much mistaken are they? One can be at the right place and at the right time only because he had it in him and he stuck to the task. Behind each success lies the blood, endeavours and above all, persistence of the Leaders and their team.


Rewards are a direct result of the energy and effort we put into it

We start something and after some time, become puzzled as to why success is not kissing our feet. We get bothered more about salaries we pay our staff rather than motivating them for grabbing the abundance out there. It reminds me of the Blue Ocean strategy, there is a large ocean of untapped market out there, waiting to be grabbed by putting energy and effort into it.

Hare Krishna

Hare Krishna

I am sharing some Krishna bhajan’s which will immerse you in pure bliss. Hare Krishna.

Krishna Bhajan 1

Krishna Bhajan 2

Krishna Bhajan 3

Krishna Bhajan 4

Krishna Bhajan 5

Krishna Bhajan 6

Krishna Bhajan 7

Krishna Bhajan 8


Author: Tushar Kansal

Tushar has been associated with the Project Assessment, Fund-raising & Financial Advisory realm in India for 2 decades. He has straddled multiple roles in Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Times of India’s Brand Capital, Aircel, MTS India, Entrepreneur in Education field and as a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) till 2014. He has major experience in Education domain – From 2001 to 2006, Tushar led his Education entrepreneurship venture which provided Entrance examination training for Engineering colleges in India. Tushar is a Columnist @ Business World, Indian Defence News, Business & Economy, Indian Economist, Digital Market Asia and OpIndia.

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