6 Secular causes which Modi will pick soon

There are 6 secular causes, which Modi has kept in cold storage till now. But given the convictions that he carries, I am sure he will pick them up soon for execution.

These 6 secular causes are:

  1. Uniform Civil Code (UCC) – Why should some Indian citizens have separate civil laws?
  2. Temples to be freed from Government control, as Mosques and Churches, which are independent
  3. Ban on:
    1. Loudspeakers on all religious structures
    2. Halaal and killing of animals on streets
    3. Burqa ban, like in France
    4. Anti-women practices like Triple Talaq and Polygamy
    5. Namaz on streets
    6. Dealing with Islamic terrorists
  4. Foreign money coming into NGO’s
  5. Placing entire burden of society on shoulders of majority educational institutions
  6. Solution to presence of dogs/ cows on streets

Taking them in brief, one by one below:

  1. Uniform Civil Code (UCC)

Hindus have a civil code which is aligned with international values and human rights, most importantly – women rights. Secularism, being enshrined in Indian Constitution, calls for UCC for Muslims and Christians as well. We are living in the 21st century, yet a section of society wants to drag us back to 700 AD – With practices like Triple Talaq, Polygamy, child marriage (Saudi’s coming to Hyderabad, “marrying” 9-17 year old girls, then leaving them few days later), inter-cousin marriages etc. While Supreme Court (SC) is currently hearing a case on this but a UCC will solve the problem.

Modi Government has constituted a panel to study UCC – My suggestion is its fast implementation.

  1. Just why are Temples under Government control, when Mosques and Churches are under independent control of these communities?

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Go to Middle East or Iran, one sees beautiful Mosques, with modern architecture. Ditto with churches in US and Europe. But everyone’s experience of going to Temples is that they are old, antiquated and one faces harassment by Pandit’s. Government control of temples is largely to blame because of committee’s which are overseen by Government nominee’s. But point to deliberate is that why are Hindus not constructing modern Temples on a grand scale? (Hardly few organizations controlled by Western organizations like ISKCON are doing it). The last big movement in constructing modern temples on a grand scale was when Indira Gandhi kept wealth tax at 94% and groups like Birla’s constructed Birla Mandir’s instead of paying their entire wealth to Government.

This issue is a sensitive one for Modi government, but has a huge appeal among BJP’s followers. Suggest bring a law to hand over control of Temples to society. Also, bring new Tax incentives to let companies start constructing new, modern Temples on a grand scale

Western governments do allow tax breaks to religious groups. In the USA over $70 billion in tax exemptions yearly is afforded to religious institutions, mainly to Christianity, the majority religion

Radha Krishna

Radha Krishna

  1. Ban on:
    1. Loudspeakers on all religious structures
    2. Halaal and killing of animals on streets
    3. Burqa ban, like in France
    4. Anti-women practices like Triple Talaq and Polygamy
    5. Namaz on streets

If France can ban all of the above, why not India?

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Dealing with Islamic terrorists: Examples of how Russia and Israel deal with Islamic terrorists: Policy of burning dead bodies of dead terrorists or if putting them in a grave, then stuffing dead bodies of Islamic terrorists with pig meat. Policy of capturing relatives of those who abduct or kidnap any Indian national.

By burning dead terrorists or stuffing dead bodies with pig meat before putting them in graves, Government can deter any Muslim guided by Jihad – if both these things are done, Muslims believe they will not go to heaven and get 72 virgins but be sent to hell. These practices have discouraged Islamic terrorism in Russia.

Russia has a tit-for-tat policy: If any terrorist abducts or kidnap any Russian national, the Russian state captures relatives of the terrorists. If terrorists kill or harm their kidnapped people, Russian state does the same to the relatives of terrorists in their custody. Indian Army can start doing this.

  1. Foreign money coming into NGO’s

Muslims started looking like Saudi’s only some time recently. All pre-independence history shows they looked and dressed just like Hindus. It was only after Saudi money started coming in Madarasas that Wahabi/ Salafi thought started changing them. Similarly, Vatican money came to Christian NGO’s. How this foreign money wreaks havoc on the fabric of the society is explained in articles below:

Even the Supreme Court Agrees, NGOs have become a problem

Five Saudi Imperial Projects the West has slept through

Now that Supreme Court has also woken up to the problem, Government should make a law for curbing mal-intentioned money coming to India’s NGO’s.

  1. Placing entire burden of society on shoulders of majority educational institutions

Minority institutions don’t have to follow Government guidelines for reservations, even for economically weaker sections. They give preference to minorities in admissions, even to the extent of 100%. At the same time, the land which they get is subsidized by Government. Below articles explain the role of Congress in the communalization of education.

How Sonia’s UPA Communalised India’s Education System

More RTE Victims: 6 ‘Hindu-Run’ Schools Face Loss of CBSE Affiliation

NPS Institutions Allege Foul Play as CBSE withdraws Affiliation

Congress won in 2005 and first thing it sighted was the idea to have outright communal discrimination in the domain of education.

A bench of 11 judges in 2002 had given this landmark ruling “Private education institutes established by minorities and non-minorities were held to be on equal footing. Hindus could enjoy the exact same rights under Sec 19-1(g) that the minorities did under Article 29/30.”

The essential parity the court accorded to minorities and Hindus in the field of education persisted. The concept of parity between Hindus and Minorities run educational institutions emerged unscathed after examination of large benches. First an 11-judge, then 5-judge, then 7-judge

The final word came in August 2005 from a Court judgment. It was now clear beyond doubt that the principle of parity to Hindus in education had just emerged unscathed from three big constitution benches. It was settled. It was final. It was going to be the way forward for India. But communal Congress was inconsolable at this. How was the Sonia-led Congress government going to restore the minority preference over these epic judgments?

The Congress Government just decided to simply change the Constitution. And thus the 104th Constitutional Amendment Bill was born.

The Congress government worked with great urgency to move a constitutional amendment bill that would obliterate the court judgments. The idea was to:

  • allow the state to take (to an unspecified extent) from unaided educational institutions
  • explicitly exempt institutions run by minorities from it
  • explicitly encode the exemption in Art 15(5) itself

They quickly added a new section in the Constitution of India called Article 15(5) which read:

(5) Nothing in this article or in sub-clause (g) of clause (1) of article 19 shall prevent the State from making any special provision, by law, for the advancement of any socially and educationally backward classes of citizens or for the Scheduled Castes or the Scheduled Tribes in so far as such special provisions relate to their admission to educational institutions including private educational institutions, whether aided or unaided by the State, other than the minority educational institutions referred to in clause (1) of article 30.

Article 15(5) Inserted By the 93rd Amendment

In the end, on December 22, 2005, the 93rd Constitutional amendment was passed. The Constitution of India was changed. Years of effort by huge benches, dozens of lawyers, thousands of hours of arguments were obliterated. Minorities were once again restored to a preferred status when it came to the issue of education.

That opportunity to test the 93rd amendment against the “Basic Structure” came in 2010 in the form of the Right to Education Act. This law imposed quotas on private educational effort while exempting those schools run by people born as minorities.

On May 9th, 2014, a week before Narendra Modi-led BJP swept to power on a massive mandate – the 93rd Amendment was held to be constitutional by a 5–Judge bench.

Fallouts of the 93rd Amendment

Sectarianism in education has taken deep root. Minority colleges have flourished. Even aided minority colleges are exempt from quotas that are applicable to fully unaided Hindu run colleges. The trajectory of the education scene can be best illustrated by a January 2014 judgment in Madras High Court, Federation of Catholic Faithful vs State of Tamil Nadu:

In the light of the above-said judgment, even in respect of aided courses run by minority colleges, there cannot be any direction to follow the rule of communal reservation.

Time to rectify the Right to Education Act and removing 93rd Amendment.

  1. Solution to presence of dogs/ cows on streets

Hindus give food to dogs and their affinity for cows is well known. But this is wreaking havoc on the streets.

Cows and Dogs run amok on roads everywhere in cities and in villages. Walkers and drivers are scared of them and they are a nightmare. In our colony, one has to take a stick to go out for a walk as these animals can injure anyone.

As animal rights activists say, it is even dangerous for these animals.

Honking, fast-driving cards scare these animals and psychologically scar them. Many get killed or permanently scarred.

The root of why Indian dog breed is looked upon as “Mongrel” is because the British branded them as such.

Rather than being on streets, they should be adopted. The rest should be culled as is currently happening in Kerala. Even China culled its street dogs and cats many decades ago.

Author: Tushar Kansal

Tushar has been associated with the Project Assessment, Fund-raising & Financial Advisory realm in India for 2 decades. He has straddled multiple roles in Financial Advisory in Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, PE Deal-maker in Times of India’s Brand Capital, in Corporate Finance roles in Aircel, as an Entrepreneur in Education field and as a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) till 2014. Prior to that, he was the Head of Debt for MTS India, where he was instrumental in raising $2.5 billion structured debt. Tushar has been involved in $6 Billion of transactions in Debt/ PE/ M&A across all asset classes. He has major experience in Education domain – From 2001 to 2006, Tushar led his Education entrepreneurship venture which provided Entrance examination training for Engineering colleges in India. The venture grew to 800 students and then was bought out by a marquee pan-India player in this space, as a strategic sale. Tushar is a panel member at CNN-News18. He is also a Columnist @ Business World, Indian Defence News, Business & Economy, Indian Economist, Digital Market Asia, OpIndia & Growing India.

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