Antiquity of Indian civilization – 50,000 years

Came across this video – proves antiquity of Indian civilization to be much much older than the British wrote in our history books because of their malintention

Be it any research – on Ram Setu, submerged Dwarka, be it ANY – It proves that ours is the Mother of all World civilizations and is the only continuing civilization

Initially, it was Lord Shiva.. and humanity, as we know it, was started by Lord Krishna. The love of Krishna taught us to live, and why.. this sea of the science of the Universe has been replenished time and again by glorious men and women.. Avatar’s.. Lord Rama.. Lord Buddha.. Adi Shankaracharya.. Kabir.. Sai Baba.. Guru Nanak.. to name a few.. and the modern one’s.. Swami Vivekananda.. Swami Ram Krishna.. Sadhguru.. Sri Sri.. Baba Ramdev.. Sister Shivani.. the melting pot that is India keeps on reinvigorating itself.. but we, as Hindus, have to be aware what we are and why we are.. to provide spiritual LEADERSHIP to the world..

Oldest Hindu Shiva Idol, 28450 years old.

Posted by BAKTH on Friday, 20 April 2018

Author: Tushar Kansal

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