Essence of the Vedas

The Essence of the Vedas

The secret of relaxation

Is in three words


Let it go


Life is full of incidents

Both pleasant and unpleasant


When unpleasant thing happens

We are apt to lose our balance

This creates negative emotions

Which expresses itself in a feeling

Of sadness or depression


An effective way of dealing with such a situation is to go to the root of the matter

And let go


What is causing the negative emotions

Has my sister failed to understand me? Let it go! Has my brother spoken I’ll of me? Let it go


Has my best friend turned against me? Let it go


In the world of transition

A world in which things come and go

And nothing abides

Let it go


Stress stands for

S – Smile. Keep smiling

T – Tolerance. Grow in tolerance, Never be tensed

R – Relax

E- Easy take it easy but not lazy

S – Service. Keep serving

S – Silence. Practice silence

And turn to God


The formula is three fold

Be the Living Gita


When Gautam Buddha started his work, he made a Sangha/ Group. The members of a Sangha are closer to each other than real brothers & sisters. A man reached the top of a mountain which was a very dangerous site. Now he did not know how to get down which was extremely difficult. Another person goes up this mountain and holding the first person’s hand they come down safely. Another onlooker asked the 2nd person, who risked his life to save the 1st person, was he your brother or relative? The 2nd person replied – he is not my relative but we are from the same satsang group


Today morning I heard these simple words –

I have been reciting these words again and again – Gurudev, I stand at Thy doorstep like a fakir with nothing, May Thee accept this unworthy one at Thy Lotus Feet. Again and again I slip and do some wrong deed or speak a wrong word, may Thee accept this unworthy one.


Gita has so many difficult tasks, give us a simple teaching of Gita so that we become Gitapurush.

Shri Krishna was born in Bharat with the aspiration that every man will be a Gitapurush – alas, we have not yet become Gitapurush. In which teaching of Gita should we bind our lives. This question was also asked from Sant Ramakrishna Paramhansa – the teaching of Gita in few simple words. This Saint says – Gita’s teaching is in the word Gita – recite Gita fast 10 times and you will hear Taagi – Taagi – renounce moha and the world.

Essence of the Vedas

Essence of the Vedas

May we also live in such a way that some of us are also called Living Gita.


The formula is a three-fold one


Firstly we must be careful to see that we have a positive attitude towards life

By positive

I do not mean that life does have a negative dark side

Life is full of difficult and dangers trials and tribulations but the man with positive approach refuses to dwell on the negative side of life

Surrounded by the most adverse conditions

He will look for a place to stand on

Conditions all around him may be frustrating

Be he will not give up

He will continue to expect the best results

And this is an inviolable law of life

What you expect persistently comes rushing to you

For you only draw to yourself that you think of all the time

Your thoughts are magnets

Through our thoughts we draw to ourselves conditions and circumstances of which we keep thinking

All the time

Always have a constructive positive approach towards life

That I saw many years ago


There were 2 buckets

Outside one there was a frown

Of what use is it to be half empty all the time

Outside the other bucket there was a face with smile underneath

I feel grateful to God that I am at least half full

The two bucket symbolic

The negative and positive attitude towards life

The man with a negative attitude wears a frown

He is always resentful

He feels rejected unwanted

And is never happy

He cannot face stress and strain of life

The man with the positive

Attitude wears a smile

On his face

Full of energy

He has the strength to face the difficulty and dangers of life in the right spirit


The second point of the formula is we must not offer resistance of life

Some are good some are not

We must accept them all and make the most of them

Of course I must not be fatalistic

I must not take this Lying down

But if inspite of my best efforts

I am not able to achieve the desired results

I must accept the situation

Acceptance is not a passive thing

To accept is to triumph over circumstances

And not let them touch the joy and the peace of the soul

Resistance inevitably leads to wastage of energy

Which could be used to constructive Ends


Do your very best to achieve

Your desired results

But inspite of your efforts

If you fail

Let that not depress you

The great Cosmic power that controls the universe

Knows what is good for you

So accept and rejoice


The third point in the formula is that we must always see

Good in others

If a brother has nine virtues and one fault let us think of his nice qualities and forget the one fault. If a brother has nine fault and one virtue let us consider his one virtue and forget the nine faults

That which we see in others has a knack of shifting into us

If we consider the fault of others they will in due course become part of our own nature

Author: Tushar Kansal

Tushar has been associated with the Project Assessment, Fund-raising & Financial Advisory realm in India for 2 decades. He has straddled multiple roles in Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, Times of India’s Brand Capital, Aircel, MTS India, Entrepreneur in Education field and as a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) till 2014. He has major experience in Education domain – From 2001 to 2006, Tushar led his Education entrepreneurship venture which provided Entrance examination training for Engineering colleges in India. Tushar is a Columnist @ Business World, Indian Defence News, Business & Economy, Indian Economist, Digital Market Asia and OpIndia.

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