Nine Congress party ‘s blunders which continue to haunt India

History is most unforgiving. A historical mistake can’t be undone, it has complex cascading effect on a nation’s future. Here is a list of nine historical blunders by Indian National Congress, led by Nehru and his dynasty Fake Gandhi brand, which continues to cost India unimaginably:


Partition was a result of appeasement of British by Gandhi and Nehru. Both Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Sardar Patel were nationalists first and politicians later. Both won elections to lead Congress party but inspite of not holding any formal position in Congress, Gandhi over-ruled their win and nominated Nehru for the post. Gandhi liked Nehru since Nehru was an anglophile, like him. Gandhi’s power came from the fact that British used to deal through him. British knew only way of prolonging their rule over India was through Gandhi, who opposed all nationalists and was only interested in propagating his “Mahatma”ness!

British would have quit India sometime after World War I, but for Gandhi and Nehru’s foolish “movements”. Both opposed Netaji’s war on British. Ultimately, it was Netaji because of whom Indian Defence forces became nationalist and British quit India – but not before using Gandhi and Nehru to partition India. The result is a rabid Islamist state Pakistan which is nuclear and weakens India. The other state Bangladesh is equally rabid and murder of Hindus is rampant.

Undivided India Undivided India

Nehru got Netaji killed through Stalin. In return, Congress sided with Russia and angered by it, USA allowed Pakistan to go nuclear!

Nehru opposed Nepal’s offer to merge with India. Left to Sardar Patel, so-called “countries” of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives, Myanmar, Tibet, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan would have been part of undivided India and not being slavishly called “South Asian subcontinent”!

Ultimately, it was Netaji and Sardar Patel who could have stopped Nehru from hoisting his dynasty on India. We have seen how Rajiv (IPKF in Sri Lanka, Shah Bano, India on brink of default at end of his term, when Israel offered to bomb Pakistan’s nuclear plant so that it doesnt make the nuclear bomb – Rajiv disclosed this to Bhutto!) and Sonia (Recession, inflation, corruption, rise of political dynasties, rise of Christianity in India and nepotism) have destroyed India, proving true to the farce that Fake Gandhi brand is.


Sardar Patel warned Nehru that 1951 annexation of Tibet by China would prove disastrous for India. Indeed, time has shown how China attacked India, armed Pakistan with Nuclear weapons, blocked India from its historical trade routes with Central Asia and has systematically bulldozed India and Tibetans.

Tibet a part of India Tibet a part of India

China’s annexation of Tibet was emboldened by the permanent seat in UN Security Council, which China got because of Nehru. India was offered this seat by USA, but Nehru “gifted” it to China, since he was enamoured by China’s Communism.

Kashmir muck

Forty percent area of Kashmir continues to be under Pakistan’s control, providing it a strategic land route to China through the Karakoram ranges. As a fall out of the unresolved dispute, India and Pakistan have fought numerous wars and skirmishes with no solution in sight. Worse, the local parties – NC and PDP, are holding India to ransom by playing the Pak card. Kashmir issue is a self-created cancerous furuncle that defies all medications and continues to bleed the country.

Further, a huge area of 17% of Kashmir “Aksai Chin” is with China because of Nehru. It was not for nothing that Chinese once called Nehru as “Running dog of imperialism”! Nehru once said “Not a blade of grass grows there”, in reference to loss of Aksai Chin! Nehru not only lost this land to China but “gifted” Coco islands to Myanmar and Katchatheevu island to Sri Lanka. Now China has developed a military base in Coco and Sri Lanka regularly arrests Indian fishermen near Katchatheevu – inspite of the fact that this island is just next to Rameswaram!

And the publicity stunt that Nehru died due to heart attack after China war is also bunkum since he died of a sex disease full 2 years after the war!

Worst? – Indian temples are under Government control because of Nehru. But Nehru brand of “secularism” means that Mosques and Churches are not! Further, Indians don’t have a uniform civil code but “Minorities” have “special” rights!

Tashkent Agreement and Return of Haji Pir Pass

Following the cease-fire after the Indo-Pak War of 1965, a Russian sponsored agreement was signed between India and Pakistan in Tashkent in 1966. Under the agreement, Congress agreed to return the strategic Haji Pir pass to Pakistan which it had captured in August 1965 against heavy odds and at a huge human cost. The pass connects Poonch and Uri sectors in Jammu and Kashmir and reduces the distance between the two sectors to 15 km whereas the alternate route entails a travel of over 200 km. India got nothing in return except an undertaking by Pakistan to abjure war, an undertaking which meant little as Pakistan never had any intention of honouring it.

Return of the vital Haji Pir pass was a mistake of monumental proportions for which India is suffering to date. In addition to denying a direct link between Poonch and Uri sectors, the pass is being effectively used by Pakistan to sponsor infiltration of terrorists into India. Inability to resist Russian pressure was a manifestation of the boneless Congress foreign policy and short-sighted Fake Gandhi brand leadership.

Simla Agreement

With the fall of Dhaka in 1971, India had scored a decisive victory over Pakistan. Over 96,000 Pak soldiers were taken Prisoners of War (PoWs). Later, an agreement was signed between the two countries in 1972 at Shimla. Both countries agreed to exchange all PoWs, respect the line of control (LOC) in Jammu and Kashmir and refrain from the use of threat or force. Additionally, Bhutto gave a solemn verbal undertaking to accept LOC as the de facto border.

Congress released all Pak PoWs in good faith (imagine the Congress Morons ruling us). Pakistan, on the other hand, released only 617 Indian PoWs while holding back 54 PoWs who are still languishing in Pakistani jails. The Indian Government has admitted this fact a number of times but has failed to secure their release. Fake Gandhi branded Indira failed to use the leverage of 96,000 Pak PoWs to discipline Pakistan. A rare opportunity was thus wasted. What to talk of establishing permanent peace in the sub-continent, Congress failed to ensure release of all Indian PoWs – a criminal omission by all accounts.

Nuclear Muddle

Subsequent to the Chinese Nuclear Test at Lop Nor in 1964, India showed rare courage in carrying out its first nuclear test on 18 May 1974 at Pokhran. Outside the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, India was the only nation to prove its nuclear capability. The whole country was ecstatic and every Indian felt proud of its scientific prowess. But Indians had not contended with Congress’s penchant for converting opportunity into adversity and squandering hard earned gains. Thus followed India’s nuclear hibernation.

Own Defence Military-Industrial complex

The whole of 60 year of Congress rule has meant that India never developed a Military Industrial Complex ostensibly since it’s a land of “Gandhi’s ahimsa” and till date, imports billions of USD’s worth of defence equipment every year.

Illegal Immigration and Passage of IMDT Act

It is a standard practice all over the world that the burden of proving one’s status as a bonafide citizen of a country falls on the accused. It is so for India as well under Foreigners Act, 1946. Political expediency forced the Congress to make an exception for Assam. In one of the most short-sighted and anti-national moves, Congress passed Illegal Migrants – Determination by Tribunals (IMDT) Act of 1984 for Assam. It shifted the onus of proving illegal status of a suspected immigrant to the accuser, which was a tall and virtually impossible order. Detection and deportation of illegal immigrants became impossible.

Whenever demands were raised for repealing the Act, Congress, Left Front and United Minorities Front resisted strongly. Illegal immigrants had become the most loyal vote bank of the Congress. Worse, every protest against the Act was dubbed as ‘anti-minority’, thereby imparting communal colour to an issue of national security. Congress’s ‘pardon’ of all Bangladeshis who had come in before 1985 was another unconstitutional act that aggravated the problem.

The Act was struck down as unconstitutional by the Supreme Court on July 13, 2005, more than 20 years after its enactment. The Apex Court was of the view that the influx of Bangladeshi nationals into Assam posed a threat to the integrity and security of northeastern region. Unfortunately immense damage had already been done to the demography of Assam and the local people of Assam had been reduced to minority status in certain districts. Illegal immigrants have come to have a stranglehold over electioneering to the extent that no party can hope to come to power without their support. Nearly 30 Islamic groups are thriving in the area to further their Islamist and Pan Bangladesh agenda. It is incomprehensible that a nation’s leadership (who else but Congress) can stoop so low and endanger even national security for garnering votes.

10 years of Congress rule under Sonia Maino

The worst time for India – ever! A period in which no development occurred, each and every Congress politician swam in the venal corruption in their veins and made billions. India receded by multiple years and 10 precious years of the youngest country on Earth, were lost.

Corrupt Congress Corrupt Congress

This is also a period in which another Fake Gandhi brand “Sonia Maino” gave express approval to Christianisation of India – Churches mushroomed, millions of Bibles got imported and conversions aided by Western money power grew to the level of a national threat.

Misrule by Congress meant that inflation made millions poor and jobless.

For India to grow to its natural high table, its imperative that any party ruling us, should keep national interest and nationalism foremost in each act.

Author: Tushar Kansal

Tushar has been associated with the Project Assessment, Fund-raising & Financial Advisory realm in India for 2 decades. He has straddled multiple roles in Financial Advisory in Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu, PE Deal-maker in Times of India’s Brand Capital, in Corporate Finance roles in Aircel, as an Entrepreneur in Education field and as a CFO (Chief Financial Officer) till 2014. Prior to that, he was the Head of Debt for MTS India, where he was instrumental in raising $2.5 billion structured debt. Tushar has been involved in $6 Billion of transactions in Debt/ PE/ M&A across all asset classes. He has major experience in Education domain – From 2001 to 2006, Tushar led his Education entrepreneurship venture which provided Entrance examination training for Engineering colleges in India. The venture grew to 800 students and then was bought out by a marquee pan-India player in this space, as a strategic sale. Tushar is a panel member at CNN-News18. He is also a Columnist @ Business World, Indian Defence News, Business & Economy, Indian Economist, Digital Market Asia, OpIndia & Growing India.

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  1. Perfect Compilation of Congress wrongdoing for which whole country is suffering & will continue to suffer.

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    • Indeed the congress as a party entertaining Nehru and Gandhi was a blunder and further complicated more by providing the Nehru’s family a try to rule the country for years together. Most of the rural areas are still not aware who is gandhi and what is congress they just know what is visible Sonia or rahul as of now. It is a fact that Nehru family has fooled the indian public.

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  2. Nice Article . But didn’t like the anti-Christianity statement . We are all Indians first , remember that . This article would have been way better if it didn’t have to bring Religion into it . My views may be against Congress but not against Religion .
    Jai Hind .

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